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Below please find the application guidelines for the 2020 COIDSA Conference Poster Sessions

Step 1: Review the below application requirements

Step 2: Complete the COIDSA Annual Conference Poster Session Application below

Step 3: Submit your application by March 13, 2020.

Step 4: You will be contacted by March 27, 2020 with results of the application process and your acceptance or decline of participation.

Step 5: Prepare your 3 feet x 6 feet poster for display

Step 6: Display your poster and attend the COIDSA Annual Conference on April 17, 2020.

Application Components:

TITLE: Use a concise title that summarizes the content of the abstract. Capitalize the first letter of each word except prepositions, articles, and species names. Italicize all specific/scientific names of microorganisms as appropriate. 

AUTHORS: Enter complete author(s) names (example: John S. Doe, MD). Include the name, degree, institution, city, state, and country of all authors and author groups.  Please note there should be one Presenting Author that will be onsite at the annual COIDSA conference.

AFFILIATIONS: List the name of each author’s institution, city, state, and country (do not include department, division, laboratory, etc.).


DISCLOSURES: List grant acknowledgments and financial disclosures.

KEY WORDS: Choose one to three key words that point to your work. Additional key words are accepted but should be words in common usage, such as those used in Medline and Index Medicus.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Provide all pertinent contact information to ensure that correspondence is received promptly and accurately by the Presenting Author.  It is the responsibility of the presenting author to communicate future correspondence to all co-authors. Notifications will be sent to the presenting author only.

ABSTRACT TEXT: Describe the relevance of the research using background, methods, results, and conclusions. COIDSA will not edit or revise the abstracts. Submitters/authors are responsible for the accuracy of the abstract text. We recommend that a colleague review the abstract for accuracy and grammar. We limit abstracts to 1950 characters and 3 images.

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